The Savannah Music Festival

Classical, Jazz, Folk, Blues, & More!

In 2024, the Savannah Music Festival (SMF) continues to enchant music enthusiasts with its unparalleled celebration of diverse genres and rich cultural experiences. As one of the premier music festivals in the United States, SMF has evolved into a dynamic showcase that transcends boundaries and brings together artists from around the globe.

This year's lineup promises a vibrant tapestry of musical genres, featuring everything from classical and jazz to folk, blues, and world music. The festival's commitment to diversity is evident in its carefully curated performances, which span traditional and contemporary styles, fostering an atmosphere of cross-cultural appreciation.

Beyond its stellar musical offerings, the Savannah Music Festival transforms the historic city into a hub of creativity and artistic expression. With performances taking place in iconic venues and outdoor spaces, attendees can immerse themselves in the charming southern hospitality of Savannah while enjoying the eclectic sounds of the festival.

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