Top 5 Reasons to Visit Tybee in February

Top 5 Reasons to Visit Tybee in February

With the beach off-season coming to a close, there’s still a little time left to plan a visit to Tybee in February. The transition into Spring is one of the greatest times to visit our island all year with the wonderful sunsets, lack of crowds, and milder weather. Don’t miss out on a unique getaway experience and a chance to truly vacation like a local. Keep reading for 5 reasons to visit Tybee Island in February. 

Amazing Sunsets

Tybee Island is home to some wonderful low-country sunsets. The sun goes down around 5:30 every day in February because Daylight Savings Time has yet to take place. Therefore, with the clocks set an hour back, you can catch a lovely sunset earlier than in the summertime. Our favorite spot is the Back River Beach on the South end of the island! Take a moment to appreciate the view, slow down, relax, and renew. Stop by AJ’s Dockside to enjoy a bite and a drink while the sun goes down.

No Crowds

The peak summer season is a busy time on Tybee Island. With the hustle and bustle of travelers from all around the world coming to visit, things can be a little hectic. Local shops are teeming with people and the parking lots are at max capacity. As a cool breeze comes over the island, the crowds thin out and calmness takes over. Since February is situated at the tail-end of the off-season, visitors can still expect quiet walks on the beach and lots of available parking, while getting some warmer days as we transition into Spring! It’s the perfect time to rent a bike from TIMS Bikes, Beach Gear, and Disc Golf or Fat Tire Bikes and head to some local shops, like Seaside Sisters, Latitude 32, or Kelly & Company.

Mild Weather

As winter rolls away, the weather is ideal for exploring the island and relaxing on the beach. Since the average high temperature in February is in the 60s, you won’t need your heavy winter coat when on Tybee! Imagine trading in the snow shovel for lounging on a condo balcony overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, or relaxing by the firepit in a backyard oasis. Even at its coldest, you can still enjoy the outdoors and get out on the water! Head to North Island Surf & Kayak for all the gear you need and launch right from their dock.

Great Travel Deals

Who doesn’t appreciate a good travel deal? There’s still time to enjoy lower travel prices than in peak season. The rates on vacation homes are more affordable and you can catch the tail-end of winter special offers to sweeten the deal! So, grab your family and closest friends to enjoy some Tybee Time. Don’t forget to Book Direct to save on expensive online travel agency fees.

Fresh Seafood

Now is the best time of the year to enjoy some of the freshest oysters and mussels from local waters. While these seafood options are available year-round, there’s an old wives tale that states only to eat shellfish in months containing the letter “R”. While this “R” Rule isn’t as important in modern times, it has never served us wrong! There are plenty of fantastic restaurants to choose from on Tybee Island, so check them out.

Ready to Visit Tybee Island this February?

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