Georgia Islands: A Coastal Guide

Georgia Islands: A Coastal Guide

Look closely at a map of the southeast and you’ll find Georgia Islands lining the coast, each offering unique experiences to visitors! While some have become resort-like destinations, others remain untouched natural gems. We obviously have a favorite in Tybee Island, which is one of only four barrier islands accessible by car. Luckily, many of the more secluded surrounding islands can be easily visited by boat right from our shore! From our neighbor, Cockspur Island, to other major barrier islands, like Wassaw Island, explore the many coastal retreats our area offers!

Tybee Island

Located just 20 minutes from historic downtown Savannah, Tybee Island offers visitors southern hospitality, history, and even a little adventure. The northernmost barrier island in Georgia, Tybee meant “salt” to the Native Americans that once lived here. Over the years it has become quite the destination but maintains the small-town charm that it’s always been known for. With five beach areas, there’s a spot for everyone to enjoy the outdoors and soak up some sun. Additionally, there is fantastic seafood all year long from places like Bubba Gumbo’s. Also, our island is home to the oldest and tallest lighthouse in Georgia, so visit the Tybee Island Lighthouse for stunning panoramic island views from the top!

Georgia Islands Worth Exploring: Cockspur Island

An important island since the founding of Georgia, Cockspur Island is a one-stop spot for any history buff! The island received its name due to its bent shape but was originally known as Pepper Island. Located just north of Tybee Island, Cockspur is home to Fort Pulaski National Monument and the Cockspur Lighthouse, great spots to check out while visiting! Also, guests can enjoy the ample nature trails that meander throughout the coastal marshes and maritime forests.

Little Tybee Island

A natural gem just to the south of Tybee Island, Little Tybee is well worth the trip if you’re interested in the outdoors. Despite its name, Little Tybee is actually twice the size of Tybee Island and offers some of the best sunset views around! Land on the sandy beaches by boat, kayak, or paddleboard, and explore the island’s many habitats! Watch pods of dolphins play or collect shells along the shore. Check out East Coast Paddleboarding for all of your paddleboard needs!. They are the first and only dedicated paddleboard outfitter and school in the area. Once on the island, you can camp out under the stars and enjoy birdwatching of many of the endangered species that call the island home.

Wassaw Island

Unplug from the everyday stresses and get away to paradise at Wassaw Island! A national wildlife refuge, it serves as home to a variety of coastal wildlife. Since the island is over 10,000 acres, visitors encounter several habitats from driftwood boneyards to expansive salt marshes. Located to the south of Little Tybee Island, it’s only accessible by private or chartered boat and off-limits to pets. Enjoy watching all of the migratory birds or maybe even catch a glimpse of loggerheads nesting along the expansive 7-mile beach. Check out Sundial Charter Tours for a tour of the island if you’re interested!

Unique Georgia Islands: Shark Tooth Island

As the name suggests, Shark Tooth Island is one of the best places in the area to search for rare shark teeth! Since it’s only accessible at low tide and by boat, you’ll most likely want to take a guided tour. Southern Saltwater Charters offers a trip as well as fishing excursions around the area! Located in the Savannah River, Shark Tooth Island has so many fossils as a direct result of the dredging that the river has undergone. Since the river is dredged to allow for larger container ships, many hidden teeth and fossils get disturbed and make their way to shore. If you’re lucky, you may even find a Megalodon tooth!

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