Frequently Asked Questions about Tybee Island

Your Guide To Staying On Tybee

Frequently Asked Questions about Tybee Island

Everyone loves to visit our little island! We’ve seen tourists from all parts of the world stay with us and experience all that we have to offer. Like every destination, our visitors have a few questions about what our island is all about. So, here are 10 frequently asked questions about our vacation destination. 

Question: Do you need a boat to get to Tybee Island? 

Answer: You do not! Access to Tybee Island is very easy, it’s one road on and off the island. Also, there’s no fee to get onto the island. 

Question: How far is Savannah from Tybee Island?

Answer: Tybee Beach and Savannah Beach are synonymous; we are the closest beach to the city of Savannah! It is a quick 20-minute drive, but it may last a little longer during the peak summer season. To avoid traffic headaches, we highly recommended enjoying lunch in Savannah while waiting for your text that your property is ready!

Question: Is biking/ riding golf carts common on the island?

Answer: The best way to experience Tybee like a local is either on a bike or golf cart. Don’t have one handy? Don’t worry, both are rentable when you get on the island.

Question: What’s the difference between the bay side and the ocean side?

Answer: The bay side is where the Savannah River and the ocean meet. There is little wave action and best for wading with small children. There, you can enjoy amazing views of dolphins, passing ships, and beautiful sun rises. The ocean side has more wave action and runs from 1st Street to 18th Street. Beyond 18th Street is considered the back river. A quiet creek that is considered a local’s secret! It’s the best place to go fishing and see our beautiful sunset!

Question: What are the dunes on the island, and why are they important?

Answer: The dunes are Federally protected, as they are homes to our natural wildlife, like our sea turtles! They also protect our homes from flood damage, in the event of a storm surge. 

Question: What are the best activities for kids?

Answer: Visiting the Tybee Marine Science Center is both fun and educational for the kiddos! Also, going on an ecology tour with Dr. Joe, exploring the Light House, or venturing through the Oatland Island Wildlife Center will keep them interested and occupied. 

Question: Are bikes and golf carts common on the island?

Answer: Bikes and Golf carts are the best way to experience Tybee like a local! Both are rentable when you get on the island.

Question: What is the best place for seafood on the island?

Answer: The Crab Shack, for sure! 

Question: Where are the best places to walk your dog on Tybee Island? 

Answer: Dogs are welcome in many places on Tybee Island! So, grab Fido’s leash and stroll along all of our sidewalk-paved streets. You can also visit restaurants like Sting Rays and Huc-A-Poos. Just remember, our furry pals aren’t allowed on the beach. 

Question: How do I save money on my next trip to Tybee Island and Savannah?

Answer: Easy, just call one of our friendly, local vacation planners and remember to book direct!