Tybee Island Bike Tour

There’s something thrilling about using a bicycle to explore a new city. You have an opportunity to remove the glass barrier of a car window and become totally immersed in everything the place has to offer. From the local culture of the city to the artistic pieces waiting for you to discover, you don’t want to miss all that a bike tour has to offer.  

There are so many hidden treasures on Tybee Island, you just have to keep your eyes open to see them. So, strap on your helmet and follow the green “Bike Route” signs to explore our quirky little island. Start your tour on the sandy path of Solomon Avenue. Where you’ll roll past Tybee Oaks, a lively community of businesses reflecting the relaxed spirit of Tybee Island. You can start a conversation with a local while sipping fresh coffee on the patio of Tybean Art and Coffee Bar. Or you can stop by Latitude 32 and take home a piece of Tybee Island. 

Take a detour on the corner of Fort Avenue and Polk Street and relax on the quiet ocean banks of Shipwatch Dunes. Or, you can pedal on to Meddin Drive, past the Historic Tybee Island Light Station and go fishing in the jetties on North Tybee Beach. 

Continue your trail down Cedarwood Avenue, through Jaycee Park, on to the quiet colorful neighborhoods underneath the shade of the beachy palms of 2nd Avenue. Switch gears and keep your eyes open for unique, island-inspired yard art on Chatham Avenue. From pirate statues to steampunk inspired pieces, you’ll want to keep your cameras ready, because you never know what you’ll find.

Don’t forget to break for some hidden treasures, such as Alley 3, a public boat launch. You can park your kickstand and watch the calm current brush against the rocks.

When you reach 17th street you will have reached the end of your trail at the shorelines of the Atlantic Ocean. You’ll have the option of taking a stroll on the beach, with the waves lightly crashing on your toes, or you can let the bike guide you through the fine sand lining the coast. Either way, you will have discovered all that our little island has to offer on two wheels. 

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