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The Shops at Tybee Oaks

Tybee Oaks is one of Tybee’s hidden gems. It is a collection of funky one-of-a-kind local shops right off Tybee’s main road, Highway 80.  Everyone passes it on their way on and off the island.  Whether you’re looking for a bite to eat, a great cup of hot or iced coffee, or a unique shopping experience this is the place to visit. Tybee Oak’s businesses are all about keeping it local….local items, local music, and local owners.

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Shell Collecting Adventures on Tybee Island

Shell collecting on Tybee Island is a fun pastime for people of all ages! Finding a unique piece or a completely intact shell can be thrilling! With so many types, colors and sizes you can collect shells your whole life and never have every type. You can collect them in jars, use them for décor or even use them for beach-related crafts. But before you can display them you have to find them. There are many tricks to finding the “perfect” shell so we have gathered a few of the best and created a list of helpful tips to start you on your shell-collecting adventure. Enjoy the search! And just remember, if you find something with its inhabitant still residing in it, leave it alone.

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