Haunted Savannah

Savannah is one of the most haunted cities in America. Walk into any historic building or cemetery in Savannah and you may have an odd feeling of ghostly presences surrounding you. “Haunted Savannah” got it’s nickname from it’s share of misfortune and tragic events:

  • The Yellow Fever epidemic in 1820 – The plague that ravished the city, claiming the lives of 700 victims
  • The Civil War – Union soldiers used many of Savannah’s older homes as hospitals for wounded and dying soldiers. Visit one of the historically preserved homes, the Marshall House, to learn more about Savannah’s role in the Civil War.
  • Colonial Park Cemetery – A well known sight where Union soldiers dug up graves to sleep in on cold nights. For fun, they slightly altered information on various headstones throughout the cemetery.

All of these events have helped to make Savannah as haunted as it is now. Check out our recommendations below to ensure your next trip to the Hostess City is a hauntingly good time! 

Tours/Private Tours

Haunted Savannah Pub Crawl – by Private Walking Tours of Savannah- The Haunted Savannah Pub Crawl tour starts at Johnson Square. After the group assembles the tour will visit its first pub. From there, it’s off on an evening walk to see this wonderful city. The tour will stop at several sites to revisit some of the famous, and infamous, haunted happenings. Along the way the guide will share some Savannah history with you all the while making new friends in a fun atmosphere. Tour

Exploring Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil Tour – Walking Tour-A magazine writer and editor from New York City takes a day trip to satisfy his curiosity about Savannah and ends up moving down. The end result is a book that still holds the record on the New York Times best seller list. But there is more to the story than what is in the book. We will take you on a tour of most of the sites referred to, and add some titillating tidbits. Tour

Old Savannah Tours. Ghost tours are hugely popular in Savannah because it’s a city built on the dead. Their tour takes you on a 2+ hour journey into the dark side of America’s “Most Haunted City.”  In addition to a full tour of the most haunted spots in Savannah, you’ll have exclusive access to the Rum Cellar at The Pirates’ House and tour the Sorrel-Weed house–two of the most haunted buildings in Savannah. Tour

Haunted Savannah Tour- Walking Tour-This tour begins at Lafayette Square and makes it’s way to one of Savannah’s oldest cemeteries where you learn what makes Savannah the Most Haunted City in America. The tour then continues down the shadowy lanes and cobblestone streets where you will hear about the dark Savannah history and her many undead inhabitants. Who still lurks in that old mansion looming on the corner? What secrets are buried under Wright Square? Tour

Spirits and Scoundrels- Walking Tour- Uncensored tour is for adults only(18+). Take a journey into Savannah’s darker side including murder, suicide, ritual sacrifice, cannibalism, voodoo and the Hag. Visit Savannah’s locations that hold her darker secrets. Learn how the Occult affected some of Savannah’s most prominent citizens. What horrors is Savannah hiding in her underbelly? How has Savannah’s dark past influenced the present? Tour

Local Cemeteries

Bonaventure Cemetery

Although Bonaventure Cemetery is not Savannah’s oldest cemetery,  is certainly its most famous and hauntingly beautiful. Quintessentially Southern Gothic, it has captured the imaginations of writers, poets, naturalists, photographers and filmmakers for more than 150 years. Part natural cathedral, part sculptural garden, Bonaventure transcends time. Military generals, poet Conrad Aiken, Academy Award-winning lyricist Johnny Mercer and Georgia’s first governor Edward Telfair are among those buried at Bonaventure. The approximately 100-acre cemetery is also historically significant as a reflection of changing views on death and dying in the Victorian era. As death became more romanticized and ritualized during this period, cemeteries became lush, beautiful “cities of the dead.” 

Colonial Cemetery

The Colonial Park Cemetery, one of Savannah’s most beautiful restorations, is the final resting place for many of Savannah’s earliest citizens. Established about 1750, it was the original burial ground for the Christ Church Parish. More than 700 victims of the 1820 Yellow Fever epidemic were buried in Colonial Park Cemetery. There are also many victims of Savannah’s tragic dueling era. Savannah history records the first dueling death in 1740 and the final shot fired in 1877. Many of the duels left a number of men dead from what one source calls acts of “too much honor.” Some of the duels were fought in and around Colonial Park Cemetery. The cemetery was closed to burials before the start of the Civil War and no Confederate soldiers are buried there. But the war did leave its mark on the cemetery. Federal troops took over the cemetery grounds during their occupation of Savannah and many of the graves were looted and desecrated. It has been said that Union soldiers changed the dates on many of the headstones. Its no wonder why this cemetery would have supernatural activity after such activity and situations occurred within its gates.

Most Haunted Locations