Happy Holidays from TVR

Spend your holidays vacationing on Tybee Island! Gather your closest family and friends and enjoy a Tybee beach vacation! Whether you’re planning to host a large holiday feast or an intimate gathering, we’ve arranged a few tips and recipes that should give you a head start on your meal plans. Browse through a few of our favorite holiday recipes, inspired by one of our favorite Tybee Island authors!

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Tybee Island Fabulous Seafood Restaurants

We at TVR have the inside scoop on where to go to get some great coastal seafood here on Tybee Island. These are all favorites of our staff members and from our guests as well. Each restaurant has its own flair and unique ambiance but each has amazing seafood meal options and specialty items. So if your craving seafood, come and check out these restaurants today! 

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Baking for a Good Claus

There are so many things to enjoy during the holiday season. From the twinkling lights that shine in the night to the thoughtful gifts that warm your heart, each season invites a spirit of joy that can last all year ’round! The only things better than holiday cheer are homemade holiday cookies! Since this is the season for giving, our gift to you: a few of our favorite holiday cookie recipes! Bring the joy of Christmas to your vacation home by baking a few batches of our featured TVR originals. So, pull out your favorite rolling pin and prepare to get baking. And don’t forget to leave a few for Santa, he’ll enjoy them just as much as you!

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