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Create a Seaside Escape in Your Own Home

Have you caught yourself longing for the beach or needing some time away from every day, and want to take a trip – but you are unable to right now? Like many of us, we want to create a little escape in our own homes – one that reminds us of our favorite destination and guides our thoughts and emotions to a peaceful, tranquil state.

Imagine your favorite vacation memory. What makes it unique? Is it the warm breeze, the sound of the ocean, the smell of fresh air, sunrise on the horizon? It is likely a multi-sensory experience –  the sights and the sounds, the feel, and the scent that reminds us of our favorite place. To capture the essence of that place at home, recreate what makes it unique for you. Mimic the view or the sound and accompany it with the feel of the fragrance that evokes your memory.

Here are some ideas to turn your space, or just a corner of your home, into a dreamy southern beach vacation zone in your home.

  1. Add some beachy hues with blue accents or a basket of sea treasures and beach glass accessories that you collected the last time you were at the seashore (or cute things you find while combing the aisles of Homegoods). Add items that remind you of your favorite beach vacay – some sand dollars or starfish add whimsy and a touch of the ocean.  
  2. Get back in touch with your bohemian roots that you left in the islands – find an outdoor space for a hammock to swing your cares and days away.   

  3. Add some soft lights and scented candles to relax and soothe your stress. Diffuse essential oils to remind you of the ocean. Some have tried a combination of lime, lavender, eucalyptus, and rosemary to bring the ocean smell in. Try your favorites, or buy a scented candle instead. Sit back, close your eyes and breathe in the salt air – imagine you’re on the beach with your toes sinking into the sand.

‚Äč  4.  Dine Al-Fresco! Just do it. Make dinner one for the porch, or the backyard, or pull up a lounge chair and make wine your dinner. Regardless of what is for dinner – take it outdoors. Fresh air and evening breeze will transform your evening and make you feel like you are a million miles away, just like if you are on vacation!

5.  Add some interest to your outdoor living space – bring natural elements outdoor like a fire or water – with a pool, pond, or fire pit, or for indoors, use a calming waterfall to elicit zen moments indoors.

6.  Experts agree that fresh air and sunshine can bring relief to our stressful lives. If you are unable to take a break or a vacation, take a step outside to enjoy the sun and soak up some Vitamin D. Plant a garden, work in the yard, or stroll through your neighborhood park or tree-lined streets. Make a section of your backyard an oasis among the trees – with natural plantings and native plants.